Motiv is a Mobile Dashboard Providing Productivity Metrics on Your Team Leaders

With the Motiv app, CEOs, managers and leaders of distributed teams will have productivity metrics for their Team Leaders in the palm of their hand. Integrate Motiv with Microsoft 365 and the Google Workspace apps your business uses every day. Download our mobile app and sign up to get started!


The Most Important Insights In The Palm Of Your Hand

Sync With Business Tools
Synched with Collaboration Tools

Motiv integrates with the collaboration tools you use everyday such as Gmail and Microsoft Outlook.

Insight on Meetings
Unique Insights on Meetings

See how often employees hold meetings. Get productivity metrics right on your phone.

Email Tracking
Email Overview

Discover how many business emails are sent and received, and observe week-over-week trends.

Built for Teams
Built to Manage All of Your Team Leaders

Import your team leaders into Motiv and organize them into groups. Easily manage and organize your data.

Security and Privacy
Unparalleled Privacy and Security

Motiv has no plug-ins or downloads to company computers for maximum user privacy.

Android and Mobile
Available for Apple and Android

Download the Motiv mobile app from the App Store and Google Play, and access powerful analytics on the go.

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Is This You?

Best for Leaders of Distributed Teams

CEO's & Executives

You need access to productivity metrics to make the most informed decisions for your business. That’s why the Motiv dashboard delivers email and meeting metrics right to your phone or desktop.

Managers & Team Leads

Download the Motiv app to see firsthand how well your team is working. Ensure team leaders are practicing good time management and proactive communication habits.

Remote Teams

Distributed teams are known for their flexibility. In order to effectively monitor remote team leaders and assess their productivity, you need a tool just as adaptable. Motiv allows you to receive metrics on email and meeting activity from anywhere.